Twilight in the Neighborhood

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Oil on 5″x7″ canvas panel board. FRAMED in natural maple panel floater frame.  $65.00

I started experimenting with the palette knife over the summer, and this is one of my palette knife paintings.  It was refreshing to try something totally different, and I grew to love the process of painting this way.  The evening this was painted, I was enchanted by the twilight sky behind these buildings and one of my large catalpa trees.

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Daily Paintworks Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser Challenge!!!

Wave Meditation 1, oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board (SOLD!)


Wave Meditation 2, oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board (SOLD!)


Wave Meditation 3, oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board (SOLD!)

***** Dear Family, Friends, and Colleagues, *****

I am offering up my Wave Meditation paintings for the Daily Paintworks Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser. I will donate 100% of the proceeds of this sale, minus shipping costs, to the Hurricane Harvey Legal Aid Fund at the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. Texans are going to need help from their local legal aid organizations to navigate their way through securing FEMA and other benefits. They will also need help with insurance claims, home repair contracts and contractors, replacement of legal documents that were destroyed by the hurricane flooding, and issues with landlords/tenants.

As a former legal aid attorney in the Boston area, I understand the frustration that people face on the best of days when navigating their way through government benefits programs and other essential legal issues. After a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, the frustrations are compounded in a way that most of us cannot even imagine. Please consider bidding on one of my three Wave Meditation paintings to help support the Hurricane Harvey Legal Aid Fund.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Tisha Mark

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Wave Meditation 1

Oil on 6″ x 6″ canvas panel board. (SOLD!)

Meditation with the waves  — being present enough to listen closely to the sound of the surf, and to watch and notice the constant ebb and flow of the ocean — is my favorite part of any beach day.  Full disclosure: with a 5-year-old running around, it is a very short meditation, but I love all 30 seconds of it! 😉

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A View of a Salt Marsh

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Oil on 6 x 6″ canvas panel board. $55.00

The salt marshes at the Bass Hole Boardwalk (Gray’s Beach) are magical little ecosystems.  For this painting, I experimented with using a palette knife instead of brushes.  The process of creating texture this new (to me!) way is very satisfying.

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Quiet Tide Pool

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Oil on 6 x 6″ canvas panel board. $40.00

I went for a quiet walk alone on Skaket Beach at low tide.  It was a little cloudy, and I was looking in the tide pools for seashells and other beach treasures.  When I looked up, I saw that the clouds were starting to burn off, and there were sailboats way out in the distance, peeking through the clouds and mist.

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