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Oil on gessoboard. $35.00

I painted these bike gears for the Exposure Challenge on Daily Paintworks.  It was a great painting exercise for me this week.  I learned a lot from painting this, and was reminded of the importance of value studies!  Related to this, my painting teacher just reminded me yesterday to keep working on getting good contrast in my paintings by focusing on my values, getting the darks and lights right.  So, my plan is to follow his advice and work on a series of small, everyday objects in order to really study the values and transitions from dark to light.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to my painting blog!  I’m excited to dive right in with a project I started working on a couple days ago.  A word in a friend’s text message got incorrectly (and amusingly) autocorrected to “lotus.”  The next day, I started working on some value studies of lotus flowers.  In nature, these flowers emerge from the muckiest of places…I love that.  Happy New Year…here’s to emerging from the muck!

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