Sadness and Hope of a Weeping Willow

Oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board.  (Not available)

There is so much emotion wrapped up in weeping willow trees.  I’ve written about childhood memories of our old backyard willow tree.  Those are nice memories that take me to a happy place.  But there’s also an obvious inherent sadness to the weeping willow.  With all of the tragedies happening in our country these last few weeks, I’ve been finding comfort in painting these trees.  There is sadness, as the willow branches appear to “weep,” but there’s also hope in the bits of light that filter through the leaves and branches.

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Hanging On

Oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board. (Not available)

Sometimes, leaves don’t want to let go of the warm weather either…despite the chilly fall days, these guys are hanging on, and don’t look ready to let go anytime soon.

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Storm Coming Up At Dusk

Oil on 6″x8″ gessoboard. (Not available)

When I can get a moment to watch the clouds at dusk, I usually see something that stays with me.  In this case, there had been thunderstorms moving through the area all afternoon, and we were about to get another one.  The building cloud formations coupled with the pink sky at dusk were an incredible sight, and cast interesting tones of light and darkness over the trees.

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Early Autumn Tree Tops

Oil on 7″x5″ canvas panel board.  (Not available)

I think there’s something magical about the first tiny splashes of fall color, high up in the tree tops.  Don’t forget to look up – the leaves will be gone before we know it!

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Weeping Willow Memories

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Oil on 4″x4″ canvas panel board.  $25.00

When I was little, we had a huge, hundred-year-old weeping willow tree in our backyard.  I always see it in my mind, in my memories of playing outside with my brother and our neighborhood friends during the summertime.  I love weeping willows…there’s a peaceful magic to them.  This little tonal study was painted from a reference photo from my BFF and HP, Matt Lebovic — thanks for all the great photos, HP!!

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Favorite Pine Grove

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Oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board.  $40.00

This is my favorite grove of pine trees in our neighborhood.  My son and his best friend have spent many hours riding their bikes, collecting pine cones, playing heroes vs. villains, and red light-green light among these majestic pines.

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