Cloud Watching

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Cloud Watching, oil on 6″x6″ canvas panel board.  Framed.  $55.00

Inspired by cloud watching on a summer day.  Clouds are a favorite of mine for painting.  When I’m feeling stuck and unsure of what to paint, I turn to the sky for inspiration!

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Clouds over a Fall Landscape, Mini Study

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Oil on 4″x4″ canvas panel board.  $25.00

On our drive out to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts last week, the cloud formations were incredible.  The scene in this mini painting is inspired by those clouds and the fall landscape that we are so lucky to experience this time of year.  I’m thinking about using this as a study for a larger painting sometime down the road.

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Early Autumn Tree Tops

Oil on 7″x5″ canvas panel board.  (Not available)

I think there’s something magical about the first tiny splashes of fall color, high up in the tree tops.  Don’t forget to look up – the leaves will be gone before we know it!

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Clouds in a Bright Blue Sky (Cloud Study 4)

Oil on 6″x6″ gessoboard. (SOLD!)

I’ve been spending some time cloud watching this summer, and learning how to paint clouds.  Having grown up in the Midwest, I’ve always loved watching cloud formations evolve as they move across the sky.  I’m trying to recreate a feeling of unpredictable movement in my cloud paintings — like, where will the clouds go from here? what will they do next?

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