Storm Coming Up At Dusk

Oil on 6″x8″ gessoboard. (Not available)

When I can get a moment to watch the clouds at dusk, I usually see something that stays with me.  In this case, there had been thunderstorms moving through the area all afternoon, and we were about to get another one.  The building cloud formations coupled with the pink sky at dusk were an incredible sight, and cast interesting tones of light and darkness over the trees.

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Tree Peony

Oil on gessoboard.  (Not available)

The other day, a friend gave me this tree peony blossom from her yard.  At the time, it was a small, closed bud.  But by the next morning, it had opened up into this gorgeous, dramatically huge flower.  I loved the way the sunlight was hitting the edges, and I had to paint it!  Using the lightest values around the top edge of the flower so that it almost disappears reminded me of my Gears! painting that I did for the Daily Paintworks Exposure Challenge a couple weeks ago.  I feel like I’m learning something valuable and transferrable with each painting.

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Bike Parts!

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Oil on gessoboard. $45.00

This was a challenging one, but my obsession with bike parts marches on!

This week, my son and I had parallel love-hate relationships with bikes.  He had some great, huge smile days riding with no training wheels, as well as a couple epic meltdowns and a scraped knee.  I had a couple “ah-ha!” moments while painting the gears, as well as a moment where I almost wiped the whole thing off because I can’t quite get my spokes straight (grr!).  But we both soldiered on — he got back on his bike and I fixed my spokes as best I could.  We’ll both try again tomorrow, and (hopefully!) get better with practice.

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