Rosemary on a Rainy Day

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Oil on canvas panel board.

One of my favorite things about springtime is going to the garden center to choose new herbs, like this rosemary, for my outdoor veggie gardens and back porch/summer art studio.  Yesterday was a rainy, gray day, and I felt lucky to have such a lovely potted rosemary plant to paint, right on my back porch!

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Bowl of Roses

The fun part here was painting the stems and bits of petal that are beneath the surface.  I think I’ll do one more rose painting before moving on to something else…I’m on the lookout for more underwater things to paint!

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Car Show 4

Proportion and perspective were very challenging for me on this one — definitely something I want to work on.  This is the last car for now…time to paint something else!

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Car Show 2

While I don’t think I quite nailed this one, I enjoyed trying to capture the way light and shadows were hitting the hood of the car.  When I’m painting, I try to shut off the verbal part of my brain, and just think in terms of shapes, values (lights vs. darks), and colors.  Since I don’t really know that much about cars or the names of car parts, they are great nonverbal painting exercises for me!

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Car Show 1

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Several months ago, my brother sent me some cool pictures he took at a car show out in California.  The colors, shapes, and light looked fun to paint, so I held onto them.  I’m so glad I did because I’m having a blast painting these!  Thanks so much for the reference photos, Justin — these next few are for you!!

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